Did You Know

What we do

Ayrshire Roads Alliance have eight dedicated teams who work closely with each other covering all aspects of our shared Council roads service to communities across East and South Ayrshire.

      Roads Maintenance

Our roads maintenance team look after public roads, footways and footpaths, we are responsible for a total of 2,378 km of roads, and are responsible for all aspects of road maintenance, from filling potholes to realigning and redesigning roads

But that’s not all, from October to May our team also become responsible for winter maintenance and help to keep traffic moving throughout adverse weather conditions by scheduling winter gritting.

During the winter period of 2017/18 we used 22,210 tonnes of salt!


Our Design & Environment team inspect, design and carry out maintenance work on 1222 council owned structures including bridges, culverts and retaining walls. They maintain Kilmarnock’s Multi Storey Car Park  and co-ordinate the movement of abnormal load vehicles seeking access across the Council’s road network. They are also responsible for design of new roads and realignment of existing roads. They work closely with our roads maintenance team in all aspects of road and structure maintenance.   They assist in the maintenance of Girvan harbour and organise the dredging of the harbour on a regular basis to keep it operational. The team are also responsible for implementing the new risk-based, plan-led approach to dealing with flooding as introduced by the Flood Risk Management Act (2009).


Our flooding team regularly inspect and maintain water courses, they also  work in partnership with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) to provide flood prevention information, flood alerts and flood warnings to the residents of East and South Ayrshire.


The street lighting team helps to light up our streets and footpaths, they look after 41,458 street lights, 426 bollards and 2,402 illuminated signs as well as redesigning existing street lights and lighting new developments they are also responsible for festive lighting.


Our dedicated Traffic team are responsible for traffic calming, slowing traffic down around schools and residential streets, traffic signals and disabled persons parking bays, they help run travel hubs,  design car parks and work closely with our lighting team on the installation of  electric car chargers.


The parking team keep the flow of traffic moving throughout East and South Ayrshire they are responsible for appeals, queries and correspondence in relation to any parking issues which arise.

But that’s not all they are also responsible for Kilmarnock Shopmobility offering free hire of power scooters as well as The Coalfield Community Transport Service along with this they work in conjunction with Strathclyde Partnership for Transport to look after 600 bus stops, 250 bus shelters (update this) and real time passenger information displays.

 Road Safety

Our Road Safety team regularly offer training to all ages of road user, they educate and train pupils in  80 early years establishments, 84 primary schools and 17 secondary schools throughout East and South Ayrshire as well as promote national road safety campaigns.

       Business Support

Our business support team are the frontline team for the whole of Ayrshire Roads Alliance, they answer your calls and log any faults received, they are responsible for our finances as well as updating our website and list of adopted roads they also keep an eye on our twitter feed and provide support to our staff.