Capital Project Updates

Gardgirth Bridge refurbishment works completed

The B742/60 Gadgirth Bridge refurbishment was finished April.

The work involved removal of the existing corrosion protection system, steelwork repairs, re-application of the corrosion protection system, deck edge waterproofing works and a partial rebuild of the South West wing wall.

The work was complicated by the need to avoid disturbing possible bats roosts and nesting birds. To do this we enlisted help from Wild Surveys Ltd from the start of the project.

They did an environmental survey to help us avoid any issues and they also came on site a number of times while the work was being carried out.

During the reconstruction work to the wingwall the date we also uncovered a stone marking the rebuilding of the bridge from 1879 when we believe the original bridge was rebuilt and widened. The current steel bridge dates from 1909.