South Ayrshire Road Safety Joint Action Group – Road Safety Initiative

On the 23rd April the South Ayrshire Road Safety Joint Action Group (JAG) ran a Road Safety Initiative for 5th and 6th year pupils at Carrick Academy, Ayr.

An average of 54 accidents lead to an average of 1 death and more than 70 people injured each week involving a young driver aged between 17 and 25. The South Ayrshire Road Safety Joint Action Group (JAG) aims to address these issues by educating students at local secondary schools.

The JAG Road Safety Initiative included input from partners such as;

Scottish Fire & Rescue who were on hand to discuss driver and passenger behaviour in a car with an emphasis on scenarios of different situations.

Police Scotland (Traffic Unit), discussed the legal requirements of drivers and students gained an insight into the police car and the tools used in traffic situations.

Police Scotland (West Safety Camera Unit) Students were given the opportunity to witness Police Scotland’s speed cameras inside the Camera Unit in action, Visual Reality (VR) Headsets were given to individual pupils allowing them to experience various road scenarios.

British Transport Police (Camera Enforcement Unit and Backtrack) gave students the opportunity to explore the machinery within their enforcement vehicles and discussed rail track safety and passenger safety on trains.

ARA Road Safety (Seatbelt Convincer), Students were given the opportunity to experience the impact of a 5mph collision this demonstrated how the seatbelt could save their lives and acted as a reminder to wear a seatbelt at all times including travelling as a passenger.

SAC Community Safety (Beer goggles/Evaluations) students wore “beer goggles” to participate in activities that allowed students to experience the feeling of a drunk driver.