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Travel Safely

Walking and cycling will reduce pressure on the public transport system and the road network during COVID19. Consider walking and cycling if you can.

Where possible, try to maintain social distancing when you walk or cycle, for example when approaching or passing other pedestrians or waiting at crossings and traffic lights.  Equally, drivers should show extra care with increased pedestrians/cyclists at this time.

Advice for pedestrians:

  • Wear bright, coloured or reflective clothing – particularly when it is dark;
  • Always find a safe place to cross the road;
  • Always stop look and listen before you cross the road;
  • Never cross on bends or where you cannot see around the corner;
  • Do not use headphones or a mobile phone when you cross the road.

Advice for cyclists:

  • Ride decisively and keep clear of the kerb;
  • Look and signal to show drivers what you plan to do, make eye contact where possible;
  • Avoid riding up the inside of vehicles, as you might not be seen. If a vehicle is indicating to the left, hang back at the junction to reduce the risk of a collision;
  • Always use lights after dark or when visibility is poor. Wear high-visibility and reflective clothing and accessories at all times;
  • Wear a correctly fitted cycle helmet that is securely fastened and conforms to current regulations.

Advice for drivers:

  • If driving, you should anticipate more cyclists than usual, especially at peak times of day;
  • Look out for cyclists. Make eye contact where possible to show you have seen them. Use your indicators to signal intentions and look out for their signals;
  • Give cyclists plenty of space when overtaking them;
  • Always check for cyclists when opening your car door, pulling out at a junction, or when doing a manoeuvre;
  • Allow other road users to maintain social distance, where possible. For example, give cyclists space at traffic lights.

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