Winter '19

Travelling in bad weather

Every winter we brace ourselves for the worst weather, before travelling in bad weather, you should:

  • Think about whether you need to travel right now, can you wait until the weather improves?
  • Check the weather forecast and road conditions
  • Think about using alternative routes and types of transport, allowing extra time for your journey.

If driving check road conditions on the Traffic Scotland website and carry out some simple safety checks before setting off.

  • Check your tyres, do they have enough tread and are they properly inflated?
  • Check your anti-freeze and top it up if required.
  • Check your battery to see if it needs charged or replaced.
  • Check your windscreen wipers and demisting system, and top up your washer bottle regularly.
  • Check your lights – are your bulbs all working and are your lights clear from snow or dirt?
  • Keep your car clean – road salt reduces visibility.

If you are unsure about doing these checks yourself, garages will carry out a winter service for you.  These are cheaper than normal services and cover all the things that may go wrong in winter.

Travel Emergency Kit

For peace of mind consider carrying an emergency kit in your vehicle. Your emergency kit should include:

  • A first aid kit.
  • Battery jump leads.
  • A torch and spare batteries (or a wind up torch)
  • A map for unplanned diversions.
  • A blanket.
  • A reflective warning sign.

In winter you should also take:

  • An ice scraper and de-icer.
  • A shovel for snow.
  • Warm clothes, boots and a blanket.
Emergency contacts

At any time of year, think about carrying one or more emergency contact numbers:

This means emergency responders such paramedics can contact people who know you. This will help them find out important medical information.

  • Include the word ICE and a contact number as part of the phone lock screen. This way anyone can pick up your phone and quickly see the contact number.
  • Include your ICE contact in your phone address book.
  • Write ICE on a piece of card with your emergency contacts’ details and carry it in your wallet or purse.
Help and advice

These pages contain helpful information, links and answers to some of your questions about preparing for winter and how we will respond during severe weather. We hope it helps you, your family and your friends to stay safe and well this winter.

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