New puffin crossing for Kilmaurs

A new puffin pedestrian crossing in Kilmaurs has been given the go-ahead by the Council at this week’s Cabinet meeting.

The Ayrshire Roads Alliance is introducing the scheme to enhance pedestrian crossing facilities on Townhead, Kilmaurs which will provide a traffic calming effect, reduce traffic speeds and help school children and other pedestrians to cross the road safely.

The new pedestrian crossing is supported by ward members and the local community council who see it as essential for promoting road safety within that area of the village.

The crossing will be located on Townhead approximately 34 metres to the north of its junction with Vine Park Avenue. There will also be two footway build outs which narrow the carriageway at the proposed crossing point as well as improvements to the existing road markings.

This location was chosen as the most appropriate due to its proximity to Kilmaurs Primary School, between the school and the residential area to the east of Townhead, and Stewarton Academy, as pupils are picked up and dropped off by school transport at Townhead, south of Vine Park Avenue.

A further unintentional benefit of the scheme will be junction safety improvements to the Vine Park Avenue junction sightlines which are regularly obscured by parked vehicles. The introduction of the associated road markings will prohibit parking to the immediate north of the junction.

Councillor Neal Ingram, East Ayrshire Council Spokesperson for Community Safety, Roads and Transportation, said: “There was a clear need for this crossing due to the high footfall that is seen in this area, particularly with school pupils who are being dropped off and picked up, or who are walking to and from school. As well as allowing members of the community to cross safely, vehicle speeds will be lowered, parking issues will be addressed and the adjacent residents will be able to get in and out of their properties more easily due to reduced traffic speeds.

“The new crossing also provides us with an opportunity to promote walking trips in the area and to encourage a move away from traditional modes of travel in support of the Council’s wider aims to reduce carbon emissions and promote active modes of travel.”