General Updates

Watch your speed

With less traffic on the roads due to COVID-19, there appears to be an increase in vehicle speed and we would urge all drivers in Ayrshire to show restraint during this difficult period.

We must all adhere to the relevant speed limits and we know speeding is not acceptable. We must do everything possible for our already burdened NHS resources. Every road crash through an irresponsible driver’s speed, will further impact on all our emergency services, abstracting them from working on COVID-19 related issues and potentially depriving patients of access to intensive care facilities and medical care.

With the impact of COVID-19 taking effect, we are seeing less congestion on roads, however, this has led some drivers to drive at extreme speed, risking their life and that of other roads users. As we all know, excessive speed can lead to a higher severity of injury.

We ask that you THINK about your SPEED and consider all other road users and pedestrians.

Please remember, many key workers are walking or cycling to work. They may need to save your life if involved in a serious incident!

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