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Empowering Inclusion: Ayrshire Roads Alliance Leads Inclusive Bikeability Training, Inspiring Stories Like Maslon’s

Bikeability Scotland’s cycle training is coordinated and conducted by the Ayrshire Roads Alliance road safety team in primary schools across East and South Ayrshire. The aim of Bikeability is to ensure cycling is accessible to every school-aged child.

This year, the team became aware of Maslon, a P7 pupil at Kirkmichael Primary School, who was born with spina bifida, resulting in paralysis of his lower limbs. Despite this, Maslon is determined not to let his condition hinder his participation in activities enjoyed by his classmates. So, when the opportunity for Bikeability training at his school arose, the road safety team and school staff immediately began searching for a suitable cycle for him to use.

After extensive communication with local cycling partners, a suitable hand-powered cycle was located at Freewheel North, a Glasgow-based inclusive cycling charity. They graciously agreed to hire out the cycle for as long as Maslon needed to complete his level 1 and 2 training.

Hand bike

The cycle training at Kirkmichael Primary was a resounding success, with Maslon fully participating in all activities, including bike and helmet checks, and learning about safe control and road awareness. Alongside his classmates, Maslon excelled in both his level 1 and 2 training, earning well-deserved certificates for his achievements.

Maslon summed up his experience with enthusiasm, saying, “I liked moving about on the bike!”

Maslon on his hand bike